About Jon Malstrom

Professionally, I’m a change management consultant.  I help employees to navigate organizational change through coaching, communication, and effective leadership.  From a personal standpoint, if you haven’t spent much time around me you might think I’m reserved, serious, and shy.  These traits define one side of me, but I’m also quirky, self-deprecating, funny, and transparent. 

I have a true passion for revealing myself through my writing.  For me, it’s all about the journey and so I typically write about experiences or conversations I have throughout my day.  I’m getting pretty good at recognizing the goofy, preposterous, funny, or downright insane in most situations.  It’s all about your perspective.  While some life experiences may initially infuriate and frustrate me, in the end I usually find some humor in it as long as I keep an open viewpoint.  I can find amusing things to laugh about in a staff meeting, on my daily commute to the office, in line at Starbucks, or at home while my kids battle with homework (teenagers are an abundant source of embarrassing humor). Let’s face it – sometimes people do and say really ridiculous things and they deserve to be mocked for it.  Since I’m the worst goof of all, I probably make fun of myself the most.  But no one is off-limits.  If you hang around me long enough, you’ll probably make an unauthorized guest appearance on my blog.

I really try not to hold much back.  If at times you think my stuff is a little TMI, it probably is.  But what you read here reflects who I truly am, what I think about, how I react to life.  My journey as a Christian definitely influences my outlook as well, and sometimes I’ll write about the insights that God reveals to me and the things He’s teaching me.  I’m the first to admit that I don’t have it all together, but there’s definite freedom in dropping the mask of “image maintenance” and just being authentic.

I typically post here four or five times a week. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via the RSS link at the top of each page (above the search bar), or through the email subscription link in the sidebar.

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My Biography

I graduated from Texas A&M University (Whoop!) with a Management Information Systems degree and started my career as a systems consultant.  I’ve stayed in IT roles until about five years ago when I began to focus more on communication and training related to IT products and services.  In the last couple of years I’ve been able to expand this focus outside of technology, toward helping people adapt to and adopt all kinds of business changes.

Throughout my career I’ve had opportunities to improve my skill with writing, which I love.  Since I was old enough to put my thoughts on paper, I’ve enjoyed the creative process of telling stories.  My mom still has a short story I wrote (and illustrated) in second grade, “The Shoe-Crazy Duck.”  My parents, teachers, colleagues, and wife have all encouraged my ability and passion for writing.  Finding my unique “voice” has been a lengthy process, but I’m finally feeling comfortable in my style, content, and purpose.

My family is vitally important to me.  I’ve been married to the love of my life, Lisa, for twenty years and we have two teenage children, Mark and Leah.  You can follow them all on Twitter: @lmalstrom, @markmalstrom, @leahmalstrom.  We live in northwest Houston, Texas.

In my free time I enjoy reading (novels, non-fiction, travel magazines), traveling (our family loves to cruise and go to Walt Disney World), and making up silly songs that annoy my kids.  I am a member of The MET church and serve as a Deacon and a member of the Lay Leadership Team.

My Contact Information

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